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at MaxMind.GeoIP2.WebServiceClient.HandleResponse[T](Response response)
at MaxMind.GeoIP2.WebServiceClient.Execute[T](String type, IPAddress ipAddress)
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at Co3.Dw9.Redirect.Dw.Services.RedirectService.GetRedirectInfo()
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@inherits RazorTemplateBase<RazorTemplateModel<Template>> @using Co3.Dw9.Redirect.Dw.Models @using Co3.Dw9.Redirect.Dw.Services @using Dynamicweb.Configuration @using Dynamicweb.Rendering @using System.Web; @{ //// Working, but is hackety compared to how you would normally take over the caching layer in Co3.Reidrect by autofac'ing. There is not enough time for this here. ///// AD 2019-12-11 : #7223 - "full geoblock", keep redirecting user if they are on the wrong website. NEW: Customer changed their mind and want a redirect once per session. /// Checking with session variable first to prevent redirect service for using unnessacry lookups in maxminds bool doRedirect = false; string sessionVarName = "Co3.Santax.Redirected"; string geoVarName = "geo"; string geovalue = HttpContext.Current.Request[ geoVarName ] != null ? HttpContext.Current.Request[ geoVarName ].ToString() : string.Empty; if ( geovalue.ToLower() == "true" ) { HttpContext.Current.Session.Add( sessionVarName, "true" ); } string sessionValue = HttpContext.Current.Session[ sessionVarName ] != null ? HttpContext.Current.Session[ sessionVarName ].ToString() : string.Empty; if ( sessionValue.ToLower() != "true" ) { HttpContext.Current.Session.Add( sessionVarName, "true" ); doRedirect = true; } if ( doRedirect ) { IRedirectResponse redirectInfo = RedirectService.Instance.GetRedirectInfo(); if ( redirectInfo != null && redirectInfo.SuggestRedirect ) { string redirectConsentExpirationTimeInDays = SystemConfiguration.Instance.GetValue( "/Globalsettings/Co3.Espresso/GeoRedirect/CookieExpireTimeInDays" ); string redirectMessage = Translate( "Redirect message - Text", "You are visiting our website in {{CurrentLanguage}}. Would you like to visit the {{SuggestedLanguage}} site?" ); redirectMessage = redirectMessage.Replace( "{{CurrentLanguage}}", redirectInfo.CurrentLanguageName.ToLower() ); redirectMessage = redirectMessage.Replace( "{{SuggestedLanguage}}", redirectInfo.SuggestedLanguageName.ToLower() ); string linkToSuggestedArea = string.Format( "http://{0}", redirectInfo.SuggestedArea.DomainLock ); HttpContext.Current.Response.Redirect( linkToSuggestedArea, true ); <div class="fade modal" id="js-e-redirect-msg" data-redirect-consent-expiration="@redirectConsentExpirationTimeInDays" data-dismiss="modal"> <div class="modal-dialog"> <div class="modal-content"> <div class="modal-header"> <h4 class="modal-title small"> <i class="material-icons material-icons-large text-primary">language</i> <span>@Translate( "Redirect message - Title", "Change language" )</span> </h4> <button class="close" data-dismiss="modal" type="button"> <i class="material-icons">close</i> </button> </div> <div class="modal-body pb-0"> <h2>@Translate( "Redirect message - Heading", "Welcome" )</h2> <p class="lead"> @redirectMessage </p> </div> <div class="border-top-0 modal-footer"> <a class="btn btn-secondary mr-1" href="@linkToSuggestedArea">@Translate( "Redirect message - Accept - Button", "Yes, take me there" )</a> <a class="btn btn-primary" data-dismiss="modal" href="#js-e-redirect-msg">@Translate( "Redirect message - Decline - Button", "No thanks" )</a> </div> </div> </div> </div> } } }

Cleanascope transportvagn

Gör det lätt att se skillnaden på rena och orena skop


Cleanascope transport- och förvaringssystemet

CLEANASCOPE-systemet gör det enkelt att skilja mellan ren och kontaminerad utrustning under transport och förvaring. Transport- och förvaringssystemet CLEANASCOPE skyddar endoskop och annan känslig utrustning genom att minimera behovet av direkt hantering. Systemet reducerar även kontakten med luftburna, kontaminerade partiklar under transport och kortvarig förvaring. CLEANASCOPE bildar en skyddande miljö för desinficerade endoskop. Med hjälp av gröna (rena) och röda (kontaminerade) plastöverdrag är det lätt att skilja mellan ren och kontaminerad utrustning. Patentskyddad design.

Cleanascope transportvagn


kr 600,00